Friday, 13 November 2015

Alan Faustino - The Importance of Electronic Medical Records

Alan Faustino has been a physician for many years in the Atlantic City community. He has developed all of the skills required of a physician to help people with all kinds of ailments over the years, including an excellent bedside manner. Faustino goes the extra mile by learning Spanish so that he can communicate with everyone in his community better. After spending years treating people for their internal medicine ailments and making house calls as a visiting physician, one of the few in the country who still make house calls, he created his own company, called NextEMR, an Electronic Medical Records company supplying medical facilities and physicians throughout the area.

Electronic Medical Records are important in today’s medical industry because of the implementation of new legislation, such as ObamaCare, that require all medical facilities to keep a wider range of medical histories on hand for each patient in their care. NextEMR helps its clients organize their medical records for all of their patients using big data solutions and servers dedicated to the transfer of important information from one medical facility and doctor to another, ensuring that all doctors have the pertinent information on their patients they need to properly treat them.

Alan Faustino

Electronic Medical Records today now go beyond the typical data collected at the provider’s office and now include a full medical and medication history of the patient that can be easily transferred from one healthcare facility to another. They are designed to be shared by all of the concerned parties for every patient so that no information goes unnoticed or overlooked. This is made all the more important with the advent of affordable, required healthcare for all Americans. With everyone’s medical histories and insurance information at their fingertips, doctors and healthcare administrators can make better decisions regarding their patients and any future treatment they may need.

Alan Faustino created NextEMR to help doctors and healthcare centers find the right treatment for their patients. Mistakes are made in treatment sometimes when doctors have spotty or missing information on a patient. Faustino hopes that his products can save lives by helping to provide the most complete information possible for each patient on an individual basis. Faustino has worked for many years in the medical industry as a visiting physician and internal medicine specialist. He knows how important medical records are, and the use of electronic medical records are all the more important in today’s medical industry.