Friday, 20 November 2015

Alan Faustino - Internal Medicine

Alan Faustino is an internal medicine specialist working in New Jersey. For years, he has diagnosed and treated a wide range of medical issues in many patients, and he one day hopes to bring his medical expertise to the business world. He started an electronic medical records company and sold his stake in its ownership after driving the business to huge regional and national success. He wants to use his medical experience to start more ventures designed to help doctors save their patients’ lives.

Alan Faustino

Internal medicine involves the treatment of diseases in adults. This is a wide, general field, but it is different than general practice. General practitioners may delve into pediatrics, obstetrics, and surgery to help their patients. Internal medicine specialists stick with multi-system diseases and treating often seriously ill or terminal patients either in a clinical or hospital setting. There are many sub-specialties recognized by the American Board of Internal Medicine including hematology, gastroenterology, critical care medicine, and interventional cardiology. Those who want to be internal medicine specialists have to complete medical school, then one or two years of supervised training before they can obtain an internal medicine license from the Board of American Medicine. Internal medicine specialists can then choose to specialize their work further after they have completed their residency.

Alan Faustino completed his residency at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, the first hospital constructed in the United States and founded by Ben Franklin. Faustino has helped many people get past their serious illnesses in his career as a physician.