Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Alan Faustino - Virginia Theme Parks

Virginia is a state that has beautiful, diverse geography as well as some incredible theme parks that you can bring the whole family to. Below are a few examples and descriptions of such parks.
Alan Faustino

Busch Gardens

Named after Anheuser Busch, this theme park is located adjacent to a Budweiser brewery, but that is not its main attraction; or even a comparably large one. Busch Gardens is a massive theme park that is broken up into sections with themes reflecting a number of old-world European countries. At Busch Gardens, you can get a taste of Ireland, Germany, Italy, Scotland and more in a single day. Each section has its own complementary culinary choices as well as rides and attractions. One of the prides of the park is their roller coasters, many of which are large and record breaking in their own ways. There is the Big Bad Wolf, the Loch Ness Monster, Alpengeist, Apollo’s Chariot and many more.

Water Country USA

Just down the road from Busch Gardens is another Anheuser Busch theme park whose main focus is fun in the water. Water Country USA is a massive water park that has fun slides such as the Rampage, Malibu’s Pipeline and more.