Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Alan Faustino - Introduction to Hospice

Alan Faustino is an entrepreneur and doctor of internal medicine that has spent a good portion of his career working at a hospice. A hospice is a kind of care, a philosophy of a sort that focuses on the terminally and chronically ill. A hospice doctor helps care not just for a patient’s physical needs, but their emotional and spiritual ones. In the Western world, hospice based philosophies in medicine originated as early as the 11th century in Europe. Since then it has been evolving, being heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic tradition of giving hospitality to the dying, the sick, or the gravely wounded. The hospice provides comfort for those that are in dire conditions and are geared towards treatments that can last for months or even years, as opposed to the brief treatment one would receive at a hospital.

Alan Faustino

In the United States, hospice is a term that is basically defined by the parameters of the Medicare and health insurance providers. A hospice can be carried out in a specifically designed facility, or it can be done at the patient’s home. Usually when a patient is given a terminal diagnosis and turned over to a hospice, they are predicted to have less than six months to live. The hospice does not just comfort the patient during the time of passing, but also helps aid the family through a very emotionally and spiritually trying time.

Alan Faustino is a doctor of internal medicine that worked for many years in the hospice service.